Regensburg: Feel the Audacity of Past Times

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Ratisbona, Alemania
1h 30m


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the old town in Germany? Beer, sightseeing on every corner, and not the most humane ways of punishment. You are not mistaken, because this city has it all. Explore the historic city of Regensburg with this tour! Your immersion in old times begins on the square where the Reichstag was founded. It served as the heart of the city where every citizen used to spend his time. Walk across the stone bridge that is so unbelievably old that it was used by the members of the second and the third crusades in the 12th century, connecting Regensburg channels of trade and transportation for eternity. Continue your tour near the Gothic cathedral, which was being built for a quarter of a millennium, and listen to the bewildering legend associated with it. Touch (literally) the architecture and ideas of that time. Feel its spirit and audacity. Enjoy drinks and food at restaurants steeped in history and equally rich scenery. And, finally, find out about breathtaking stories and rumors about the city of Regensburg.

Que incluye

  • Recommendations for restaurants with ancient history
  • Secret access to the insides for the famous yards
  • Self-guided audio tour for your smartphone on the WeGoTrip app
  • Earphones – please bring your own
  • Food and drinks – purchased on your own at will
  • Earphones and smartphone are not included – bring your own
  • In-person tour guide


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