Jungle Hopper Tickets to Bali Safari and Marine Park for Foreign Travelers

Información Básica

Bali, Indonesia


Bali's Culture and Abundant Wildlife

Enjoy a thrilling safari experience at the Bali Safari and Marine Park which is home to over 60 species of animals, including the rare and endangered Komodo dragon, orangutan, and the Bali myna. You’ll get to see ferocious piranhas at the Fresh Water Aquarium and enjoy an enlightening presentation about the role of tigers in Balinese history and mythology at the Harimau display! Another presentation that will amaze you with its magical theatrical depictions of Balinese culture is the Bali Agung.

Gentle Giants and their Conservation

Next, get set to see the Elephant presentation, which features inspiring performances by Sumatran elephants depicting the importance of peace and harmony between nature and mankind. Once you’ve had your dose of culture and entertainment, head to the Fun Zone & Waterpark, where you can enjoy some thrilling water rides. End your tour with afternoon tea and cake at Uma Restaurant.

Que incluye

  • Safari Journey
  • Animal presentation (Based on Schedule)
  • Elephant presentation (Based on Schedule)
  • Big Cat presentation (Based on Schedule)
  • Bali Agung (Based on Schedule) (Optional)


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