Lugares de Girona-Historia, Mitos, Leyendas y Juego de Tronos

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Girona, España
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My tour takes you through the historic center of Girona. On our journey through the medieval streets you will go back in time. Discover the history of ancient sites and, through ancient stories, meet characters from myths and legends. The tour stops at the filming locations used for the GAME OF THRONES series. This is an "easy walking tour", however many of the streets in the old town are cobbled and there are steps and small hills. The old town is very compact and covers a small area, so we have time to visit many of the important sites, walk at a relaxed pace and stop for photos and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. We will not enter any of the buildings. The entrance to the Cathedral, the Arab baths and the museums has a ticket, so you may want to return to those places to visit the interiors. The duration of my tour is approximately 2 hours. Some of the places we will visit are: The Lioness of Girona The Basilica of Sant Feliu The Arab Baths The Cathedral The Jewish Quarter Medieval streets of the Old Town The Steps of Sant Martí Sacosta The Eiffel Bridge PLEASE BOOK YOUR TOUR BEFORE 3 HOURS BEFORE THE START OF THE TOUR) At this moment I am accepting reservations until September. If you are looking to tour later than this time, please check back closer to the fall schedule. I accept bookings from solo travelers, but unfortunately I can only take the tour with two or more people (so if I have only received a reservation from one person on the morning of that tour, I will have to cancel) Please, Please leave a contact number so I can contact you directly if necessary. If you plan to show up at the meeting point, you ' d better message me here to confirm the tour is running ... if so, of course, you will be very welcome to join us. If you prefer to take a tour in the afternoon or evening, please send me a message, maybe I can help you. If you have any other questions, send me a message.


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