4-in-1 Langkawi Cable Car Tickets: SkyCab + SkyDome + SkyRex + 3D Art Langkawi

Información Básica

Langkawi, Malasia


What better way to experience the beauty of Langkawi than by hovering above it, at 708 meters above sea level? This is Malaysia's highest cable car ride that lets you soar through the eastern cliffs of Mt. Machingchang and its towering summit. Embark upon a scenic ride from the base to the middle station, covering more than 1,700 meters in distance. Once at the station, a short walk to the top rewards you with spectacular views of the Langkawi archipelago and Southern Thailand! You also have complimentary access to SkyTrail, 3D Art Langkawi, SkyRex, and SkyDome- each attraction more exciting than the next! Upgrade your ticket from normal to express lane, allowing you to skip long ticketing queues and head right in. You may further upgrade your ticket to include access to Langkawi's Sky Bridge, a 125-meter-long cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia that promises stunning views of the city!

Que incluye

  • Admission into Langkawi Skybridge cable car
  • Access to SkyTrail, 3D Art Langkawi, SkyRex, and SkyDome
  • Access to Express Lane (Optional)
  • Access to Sky Bridge (Optional)


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